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View how our business process outsourcing specialists can build business continuity for better, more intelligent workflows to improve your organization through trying times. A wide range of skills, services, and solutions are available from Yazh Digital to help you get started on your transformation path.

  • Telemarketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Back Office Services


Telemarketing services in India consistently exceed all other kinds of marketing and remain the most successful marketing vehicle for driving long-term revenue growth. The digitalized global marketplace necessitates must businesses design cost-effective Telesales campaigns that not only assist them in capitalising on market opportunities, but also in gaining a thorough understanding of the expectations, needs, and preferences of customers worldwide.


2.Lead Generation

Providers of lead generation services oversee initiatives to find and qualify leads, or potential consumers, for organisations. These services can be very helpful in bringing new customers into a company's sales pipeline; suppliers can also help with initiating interactions and generating interest in the brand.

3.Back Office Services

The area of your company that doesn't deal with clients directly is called the back office. To put it another way, consider the back office to be those tasks that, while not directly related to customer interaction, are vital to the effective operation of your company. Payroll, accounting, operations, human resources, and logistics are some examples of back office tasks.


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